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Magnetic Spice Jar


$ 5.00 USD

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  • Comes with stainless steel base - Magnetic spice tins made with advanced magnetic features which helps to keep them stick on to the refrigerator, oven, stove or any kind of metal surfaces. These containers can be attached to any positions you would like. It is easy to take and place.
  • Rust free spice jars - These jars are rust free and easily cleans with just a damp cloth.
  • Discharge Port and Lid Design - These stainless steel jars contains two types of discharge ports which rotate and let you have full control of the sprinkling amount.
  • Multipurpose Spice Set - These jars are not only ideal to store spices, it is perfect for storing and organizing craft supplies, office supplies like paper clips, screws, rubber bands, etc.
  • Good Visibility - Transparent lids are very convenient when looking for a spice quickly.


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